About us

At the forefront of the Tire machinery industry MARANGONI TYRE MACHINERY sets, worldwide, the modern standards of sophisticated and customized tire assembly systems, specially for large and very large radial tires. The “Alpha” and “Fast” lines of machinery do represent the cutting-edge market products for applications up to the largest all steel earthmover tires.


Marangoni Tyre machinery



Marangoni Meccanica / Marangoni Tyre Machinery is nowadays a highly qualified engineering Company with added production capabilities, which is further and further specializing in very large niche-market tires, such as those for agricultural, earth-moving machines, and mining trucks. In particular, we are developing highly innovative solutions in tire assembly equipment which will make us more and more involved in sophisticated radial tire assembly systems for major tire manufacturers over the next years to come. The plans do include totally innovative unistage drums.

According to the most recent developments in the market, we also implemented a number of initiatives which main steps are:
1.   Enlarging and qualifying the engineering capabilities taking advantage of the newest technologies, especially in the areas of the advanced mechanical and control design,
2.   Providing the Company with some dedicated highly specialized segregated halls, with relevant offices and facilities for the engineering of the machinery,  where is possible to build, assembly and test the tire assembly machines. These halls are segregated, as our leading edge technological equipments are customized according to customer’s standard, very often under confidentiality agreements.

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