The FAST Lines


The “Fast” lines are customized tire assembly systems used for sophisticated applications availing of the Marangoni Meccanica proprietary “Alpha R” strip winding servers and highly innovative “Fast” line drums in addition to customer’s existing or purposely newly developed component servers, turrets, stitching units and drums. Each machinery spin off, with the exclusion of the “Alpha R” servers, is also traded with the Marangoni proprietary name “Fast” (for example “DrumFast”, “BeltServerFast”, etc.). In the machinery range there are “DualFast” and “UniFast” model options, according to the customer’s preferred tire assembly technique, identifi ed by the self-explanatory name. The “Fast” lines do consider furthermore machinery suitable for any market condition

Fast lines 


In detail the “Fast” lines are identified by Marangoni
proprietary names as follows:

- CarFast (for passenger car steel belted radial)
- TruckFast (for truck all steel radial)
- AgriFast (for agricultural radial)
- EmFast (for earthmover all steel radial)
- SolidFast (for solid tires)


AgriFast bay

The machinery production does generally consider the most advanced control systems according to the customer’s standard.