ALPHA R Servicers

Stay with the strip winding leader


The “Alpha R” servers are compact user friendly and advanced extruder servers that are interfaced to tire building bay drums for producing components such as tread base, tread cap, wings, sidewalls, abrasion gum strip and fi llers (components without reinforcement like metallic wires or cords) in real time with the highest degree of accuracy and at high speed. The “Alpha R” servers are integrated into the end-user tire building bay according to needs and are suitable to build in fl at or shaped confi guration according to the announced specifi cation. The components are obtained by using the strip winding technique, accurately composing the wanted geometric profi le by a basic strip size. The strip application speeds can rise up to 220 meters/minute. Any expert tire technician can therefore easily decide the intended actual application time for the wanted component. 



Alpha R


1> Process: feasibility options and automation 

2> Quality: weight, shape accuracy, spliceless application 

3> Productivity: size-change flexibility 

4> Direct saving: compound weight and semi - finished storage 

5> Easy to use

The “Alpha R” servers can be fully automatic. Start/stop is addressed by a central tire building bay database, for example, as could be the case of car radial tires building or truck all-steel tire building - it is required only for an employee to provide the stock to the extruder, which is automatically fed by the relevant conveyor outside the tire building area - or operator assisted, as is generally the case with giant tires such as large radial agricultural and earth-mover.