Blue Dart


The BLUE DART has been developed on the basis of experience achieved in satisfying a continuously increasing quality demand in retreading. Main performances of the this machine are:

  • High output
  • Best uniform and consistent grain (shoulder and tyre centre) at high production rate.
  • Great variety of different profiles, with quick and easy program change
  • Consistent quality through automated working cycle.
  • Mechanical and electronic reliability.
  • Numerically controlled 3 axis movement.
  • Range: 15" - 24".
  • Bead plate system for tyre mounting and rotation.
  • Advanced numerical control, with coloured screen, hard disk, floppy unit, user-friendly software and the possibility of storing up to thousands of programs.
  • 3 simultaneous axis control for keeping the buffing head perpendicular to the tyre’s surface, with axis driven by brushless motors.
  • Accurate centering of buffed profile with respect to the tyre.
  • Stout heavy service construction.
  • Possibility of automatic and semiautomatic working cycle.
  • Sidewall brushing with special vertical stout brushing group.
  • Possibility of sidewall brushing or buffing through special numerically controlled 2 axis group (optional).
  • Pneumatic bead setting with mechanical locking.
  • Pneumatic or electric lifter.
  • Adjustable and programmable plate rotation speed.
  • Tyre double inflation.
  • Buffing blade cooling system.
  • Buffing cycle with "Soft Start".
  • Raised set-up of the buffing group with respect to the ground for easy cleaning.
  • A mobile buffing arm for manual operations, with the choice of brushing, grinding or buffing (optional).
  • Peeling tool with peeling chips extraction conveyor (optional).
  • Tyre circumference measuring device (optional).
  • Sound reducing enclosure (optional).
  • Possibility of remote supervision of machine’s production and productivity (optional).
  • Electronic system to detect metal plies (optional).

Technical features

Blue Dart overall dimension

Width (x) ~ 3.200 mm
Height (y) ~ 2.720 mm
Depth (z) ~ 2.900 mm
Total weight ~ 8.500 kg

Blue Dart technical data

Minimum rim diameter (with limitations on O.D.)


Maximum rim diameter


Minimum outer diameter


Maximum outer diameter


Minimum cross sectional width


Maximum cross sectional width


Voltage, frequency: on customer’s request     
Total installed power rating

~ 55

Power rating of mobile buffing arm

~ 9

Air supply pressure


Air connection